Security for buyers!! You are guaranteed to get an authentic item, every time, or your money back! We do thorough reviews of each piece of jewelry or of each handbag and are known in the industry for our outstanding authenticity standards. If our items fall below these standards, we will gladly refund you. We work with many third-party authentication review professionals and in the event their is a question of authenticity, we will do a thorough investigation and hire a third-party review to be completed by a professional in the industry. Feel free to do your own research too. But we will hire a third-party company to determine authenticity, and will act in accordance with our policies. If the item is inauthentic will will refund you in full. However, you always have 14 days from the date you received the item to receive a full refund for any reason (minus a 2.5% restocking fee) with no questions asked. Feel free to reach out to see how our money back authenticity guarantee works.