Seriously, you should do this done on every bag you own, at least annually!

Here are some of our specialty services to restore your handbags, wallets and accessories

We specialize in:

24KT Gold Plating Hardware

Is the gold hardware in your Chanel, Hermès, or Louis Vuitton, chipping, or is it just fading? Then we have a service for you!

Service includes five phases:

1) Removal of the hardware

2) Cleaning the hardware and professionally polishing the hardware to get rid of any imperfections like chips or uneven surfaces

3) 24KT Gold Plating the pieces, including sanitize each item, plate each item (2-3 times- it’s a process ladies) and then letting it settle

4) Buffing each item to show off it’s new 24KT Gold Shine

5) Re-installing all the hardware back to the bag (or removing protective barriers- my trained staff will know what is the protocol for each individual bag, as we have done them all)

You can choose from 24KT Rose or 24KT yellow Gold for your hardware. And, yes, 24KT Real Gold is all we use!

Prices start at low as just $100 / per item

Leather Re-Conditioning:

Is you Hermès Birkin, CHANEL or Louis Vuitton looking a little dry, or older than you’d like? Well, you may not know, but generally speaking, your investment is running down the drain if you fail to regularly clean and re-condition the leather and polish the hardware of your bag. Trust me, a quarterly general cleaning and re-conditioning of a bag’s leather will make it just as supple as the day you took her home! Leather is like our skin, and skin needs moisture every once in awhile.

Our service includes these five phases :

1) Cleaning of the interior lining of your handbag using mild detergents (we protect the leather during this phase)

2) Cleansing the leather with gentle soaps 

3) Re-conditioning of the leather and trim (this process is done 3 times as it takes several coats of moisture applied and then left to settle to fully restore any bag)

4) Finishing the leather to provide a shine (or matte) and to protect it from future wear

5) Finally, we will gently polish and restore all hardware to its original shine!

This service will extend the life of your bag 5+ years! It has for mine!

Price: starts at $400 per bag depending on age, size, brand, and other unknown wear

If interested, contact us using the form below, and we will get back to you with a price estimate, shipping instructions, and a general turn-around time, etc.