Authenticity Guarantee Promise:

Every item we sell comes fully hand-vetted for Authenticity by our team of professionals (see more about our team below) and we have such high Authenticity standards that we Guarantee each item is Authentic, or you get 110% of your Money Back! We are the first store to ever offer this 110% Money Back Promise!

As a luxury online shop, we have the highest authentication standards in the industry and have a team we hire of over 30 highly qualified authenticators, appraisers, and GIA Gemologists that have extensive experience with each brand we specialize in and they hand-vett each piece prior to shipping with our strict authenticity standards.

our team of highly qualified experts are qualified with with WOSTEP certification and national grade one license

With our latest state-of-the-art facility, we service over 10,000 pieces a year in our state-of-the-art facility. In our 316 ㎡ Clean Room, we have the latest equipment equivalent to what manufacturers use to provide after-sales servicing, including ultrasonic cleaning machines, precision measuring instruments, buffing motors, large dust collectors, x-Ray scanners, GIA Gemologist Qualified Microscopes, and more.

Unlimited complimentary after-service evaluation. As your go-to horologist to service your precious pieces, we offer unlimited complimentary evaluation, external cleaning, and water resitance testing for all watches we repair, including non-overhaul repair such as battery replacement.

Our expertise is in the following brands: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, CHANEL, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Rolex, we have worked with these designers for decades, and know them inside and out, and we actually have Sales Agents or dedicated staff members with all these brands, and our staff have inside knowledge, as some have worked for the designers themselves as Sales Agents or managers, ans So when there is an un-known, we will go directly to the brand for guidance, and this is one of the main reason‘a why we have an excellent reputation and are known for selling only authentic, see our reviews here.

So rest assured, your getting a designer Investment piece, every time!

Our 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee Promi
se and Review Standards: 

You have a designated 30- day window to evaluate each item purchased, and if you can prove that an industry professional (see terms below), doubt the items Authenticity, we will refund you 110% of the price you paid including all appraisal fees, and all sales tax and shipping fees paid (if any). We are the First and Only store in the industry to offer this type of service to our clients. We are so confident in our teams authentication standards that we can offer this guarantee to our clients! This way, with us, you know you are purchasing authentic-only items, every time!

Terms for Authenticity Guarantee- Our Promise and Your Rights:

Each item you purchase from our store will come with my 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee Tags attached, which guarantees your piece is authentic, and if you can prove otherwise by providing proof from a reputable Authentication company (no non-industry specialists opinions are acceptable, also known as, your mom’s best friend who saw an ad about this designer on TV, etc., lol (also known as, laugh out loud)) or from that specific store’s Sales Agent, that they have thoroughly reviewed the item and can provide proof that they doubt the items Authenticity, and you have our Money Back Authenticity Guarantee Tags attached to your piece, then you qualify for our 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee Promise and Preloved Treasures will pay to have the item shipped back to us, we will refund you 110% of the purchase price, including all shipping and tax paid (if any). This way you can rest assured, you know your getting exceptional value with a no hassle refund system, guaranteed!

With our team of professionals hand-vetting each item, and our 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee, you can rest assured you are purchasing authentic -only and this way you will come back, and bring your family, friends and colleagues, and neighbors, etc., :) and buy more authentic-only preloved designer hand-vetted items for life, like most my clients do! 

Our Team:

Each piece we offer for purchase comes hand-vetted for Authenticity by members of my team, which include: GIA Graduate Gemologists, bench jewelers, appraisers, authenticators and qualified industry experts (persons with extensive career history in the luxury jewelry or handbag business) and is guaranteed 100% authentic every time (see terms below for our 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee Promise)

We have some of the highest authentication standards available, and is why we have 5 Star Reviews on all our sites and have been selling some of the most fabulous, well-known pieces from Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and CHANEL in the world! 

Our team includes:

Two GIA Graduate Gemologists: We have two trained GIA Graduate Gemologists who complete evaluations of every piece that has gemstones (diamonds included). They use the best equipment available to test each stones refractive indexes, and conduct other analysis to authenticate each stone. Our GIA Gemologists ensure that each stones meets the specifications of the designer’s standards, by reviewing the quality, clarity, cut and color for each stone, every time.

For example, when evaluating a Van Cleef & Arpels piece, our GIA Gemologist will review each and every stone, ensuring they meet VCA’s high standards. As VCA only uses the highest quality diamonds found on earth, and each stone is hand selected to ensure they fall between the IF to VVS clarity and D-F Color standard, our trained GIA Graduate Gemologists with check the authenticity of each stone in a VCA piece, and if they find a lab-grown diamond based on its refractive qualities, or other standard practice, then the piece is clearly not a VCA creation and rules out it’s authenticity.  

 Authentication (Brand- geniuses) Staff: Each item is hand-vetted by our team of Brand-geniuses by doing serial number searches (yes there are ways- we have extensive partnerships), reviewing date codes, stamps, hallmarks and logos and overall design standards for each item, every time!

Example: When authenticating Cartier Love Bracelets, our team will do a metal purity test to ensure it’s 18Kt gold, and an x-Ray scan to ensure it solid gold and not plated, we will make sure the serial number on the bracelet has a match in Cartier’s system (through our partnerships- we cannot elaborate further), we review the serial placement, the hallmark and signatures are reviewed for accuracy and placement per the piece’s time period (Cartier’s stamp designs have changed over the years, as have the placement of these designs, so, for example; when determining if a bracelet is real or fake, if the bracelet had an older screw system, but with the new placement arrangement of the hallmarks, then we can rule it out as it’s clearly not genuine). 

Jewelers & Appraisers: Test each piece of jewelry to ensure it meets the quality set forth by the designer by metal purity texts for each item, reviewing the specifications of each design, and reviewing authentication standards per our strict guidelines set forth by industry leading experts 

Store Owner’s Final Stamp of Approval: Each item is hand vetted by a gemologist, brand-genius and jeweler or appraiser and their records are submitted for final approval to me, Sabrina Marie, PrelovedTreasures Owner, and I either put our 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee (which we are giving you up to 10% more Back here!) behind it and it gets the seal of approval, and is guaranteed authentic for life, or not. 

Our Recommendations for Personal Authentication

We help clients verify the authenticity of items they purchased from our store, as a quality service.

There are two ways to determine the value and or authenticity of a jewelry acquired item

First: You always have the option to send your newly acquired article in for service (e.g., for polishing, cleaning, an upgrade like a new clasp, or a repair) directly to the designer’s store. A qualified sales agent located in the designer’s (Cartier, etc.) boutique location is regularly trained to distinguish and differentiate between genuine and fake articles. So, if yo take the item directly to the designer’s boutique location, a trained staff member will assess the piece prior to accepting it for service (e.g., polish, clean or repair or change of clasp, addition of links, etc.). So, if the trained staff member accept the item for service, it means it is not a fake. This is not an official determination. However, designers will refuse service to fakes. This is the only way most designers will review an item for brand standards, or at least without paying a larger authentication price tag, if they offer it. So, if interested in we can even help you set up service at the designers location. So, feel free to contact me directly, Sabrina Marie, and we will coordinate with the designer and set up service for you.  We are here to help!

Second: You can always have a qualified appraiser or jewelry professional evaluate the piece. Most local non-branded jewelry stores will have appraisers available for evaluating the value and authenticity of a piece. Prices for appraisals range from $150-$300 per item depending on the complexity of the piece (how many stones, size, rarity, etc.). A qualified Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologist is best suited to appraise our pieces. A GIA Graduate had the highest training available and is therefor the best qualified to determine fake diamonds or gemstones, from natural high-quality genuine stones; which the designers we specialize in only use the highest grade available on earth. So a GIA Graduate is best suited and will evaluate each stone, and can be as specific as exact or appropriate carat weight, can ensure the variable degrees of quality of each stone, and give an valuation determination, and usually conduct extensive research on the piece, which can include: the history or time period of the piece, rarity, and exact specifications for determining authenticity, include correct clasps, metal purity tests, including standard and x-ray scans, hallmark styles, location and variations over the years, style and design specifications, and quality of the craftmanship and can point out any errors or deviations from the designer’s indivisible production standards, and of course, they will define the exact the quality of the gemstones. That’s why we highly recommend going with appraisers who are GIA Graduate Gemologists. To find one, we highly recommend calling several local jewelry stores and asking about the qualifications of their appraisers and if they state their appraiser is specifically a GIA Graduate (not just studied there), the  this is the highest quality standard in the industry. Feel free to reach out to us for questions or setting up an appraisal in your area. 

Our Complimentary Services: 

We will work with you so you can feel truly comfortable with each purchased item and even refer friends to us:). Our expectation is that you know the value of your piece, and it can be passed down as an heirloom piece for generations to come, and so we build lifelong friendships and be your jeweler for life, and you will refer us to many your friends and family members too :) 

Professional Guidelines of Preloved Treasures

We only sell authentic items and it’s proven time and time again! With our strict industry- leading authentication standards we have not had to refund any customers. Read our reviews to see!

You’ll see! Caio~ for now. 

Many thanks,

~ Sabrina Marie

Preloved Treasures, Store Owner/ Founder

Small Business Owner and Charitable Program Sponsor for Women’a Initiatives

My office cell (for calls or texts) is: (619)456-5731

God Bless!