Confused on what size to order?!! We are here to help! Below are some answers to some common questions you may have, some other sizing guides and resources to help you make the right purchase! 

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1) Common Questions:

A) Why is there multiple sizes listed for the same piece of jewelry? 

Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, CHANEL and many other well-known jewelers out of Europe use the European sizing system (EU), while Americans and many other countries use their own standard. Here at PrelovedTreasures, in each listing we will always notate the European size and the American size for reference. Also, in Europe they use the metric measuring system (typically millimeters (mm) for rings and centimeters (cm) for bracelets) whereas, Americans use Inches and feet and our own ring size system. We will try to always notate both in each listing. 

B) How do I find out my accurate wrist size for a Cartier Love Bracelet?

Note: Cartier (and most European jewelers) use the CM (centimeters) system for measuring their bracelets and Cartier’s Love Bracelets range from size 15 to 21.

Note: There are several ways to determine your accurate wrist size in cm. If all this is too confusing and you want the simplimest way, simply message us and we can send you a complimentary plastic wrist sizer through Amazon (free shipping and at no cost to you) and it’s simple to use. However, you can also just measure your wrist with a string or ribbon. Simply wrap a string around your wrist (make sure it can go over your wrist bone) but do not have the string too loose. You are just measuring the actual size of your wrist semi-snuggly. Now mark with ink where the ends of the string meet themselves. Then take a standard ruler and measure that portion of the string in inches or cm. If you measure the string in inches you will need to convert that to cm (simply Google Inch to CM Conversion and viola you will have your number in cm). Now, because you measured your actual wrist, you will need to add 1 cm to that number for a snug fitting bracelet or 1.5-2cm to that number for a looser fitting bracelet. So for example: if you measure your wrist snuggly with a string and you are a size 7 inch wrist, you would then convert that number to cm (which 7 inches =17.78 cm) and then if you want to wear your bracelet loosely you add 1 cm which equals a size 19 Cartier Love Bracelet (17.78 + 1 cm= 19 cm- you always round up), but if you want a looser fitting bracelet, you would add 2 cm to the 17.78 number, which equals 19.78 cm (or as you round up, a size 20 Cartier Love Bracelet). 


C) How do I find out my accurate European ring size (or what ring size am I in Cartier?

Once again, feel free to message us with a request for a ring sizer kit and we will send you one complimentary by Amazon at no charge to you. 

European Sizing Guide in mm


Free Sizing Mailing Kit:

We at we will provide a complimentary ring or wrist sizing tool to be mailed to you for free prior to purchase! It is a plastic band that you can use to easily measure your finger or wristband get an accurate size. It’s simple to use and accurate! We will mail you one at no cost. If you need help determining a size, please take advantage of this feee resource. It saves you hassel of returning a wrong sized item and saves us the hassle of returns too! If you would like a free measuring tool, t’s simple, just send us your name and mailing address and we will have Amazon deliver it to you normally within 1-2 days and we cover the charges. This way, you know your ordering the right size, everytime! 

Below are some suiting guides to assist you in determine your size in European (